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What is Xuexiyu.online?

Xuexiyu.online is an online Spanish academy aimed primarily for Chinese students regardless of where they live. The advantage is that they can receive Spanish classes in Chinese language and they can understand better Spanish vocabulary, grammar and expressions in their own mother tongue. With this type of customized private classes tailored to the needs of each student, progress is made faster and issues are solved in an efficient and fast way.

Who teaches Spanish classes at Xuexiyu.online?

Private classes at xuexixibanyayu.com are taught by Professor He (何老师), a native Spanish teacher with extensive experience in teaching Spanish to Chinese students.

He Laoshi He Laoshi

My name is He Laoshi (何老师)

I am a Spanish teacher for Chinese speakers.

Among many other things, I am an online Spanish teacher specialized in teaching my mother tongue to Chinese-speaking students, no matter where they come from, using their own language: Chinese. Although that does not stop me from teaching Spanish to anyone interested in learning it regardless of their nationality, mother tongue or place of residence.

For me, the important thing is to transmit and spread my language to anyone who wants to enter the world of the language spoken by Cervantes.

In addition, I offer other services related to Chinese and Spanish, such as: translations, text review, student exchange, summer camps or trips to China, among others.


You need a Spanish teacher in your life.

Reason number 1

If you want a teacher with a lot of experience teaching Spanish to Chinese speakers in Chinese language, then I am the right person for you. I have got the best professional background in order to help you to get excellent results in your Spanish while teaching you using your own language.

Reason number 2

If you want a teacher who believes that Spanish classes can be fun, interesting and challenging, then I am the one for you. For me, these are the three key characteristics of the learning process. The lessons should be as enjoyable as possible, with an attractive content made to mediate the needs and interests of the student and that suppose a certain challenge for both me and the student. For that reason, I dedicate all my effort to create that kind of teaching atmosphere.

Reason number 3

If you want a teacher who works to take the stress out of learning, then I am right for you. I believe in having a positive, supportive relationship with all my students and they will all tell you how patient I am as a teacher. I want my learners to be relaxed, to make mistakes and fall in love with Spanish.

Why study Spanish? This is what I can do for you.

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